Different Types of Office Chairs

Types of office chairs

Types of Office Chairs Discover Them

Today we will discuss the types of office chairs that exist and that you will find in any office furniture catalog. We will discover what types of office chairs exist, which are the best options according to the positions.
If you are planning to set up or renovate your office, this article will help you choose the best option for each position. Because not just any office chair works or is the same. It depends on its use, the user, the type of work to be done or the time that will be used. Because office chairs also have a significant impact on our health.
The purposes of all chairs are not the same. When thinking about an office chair, a very specific image comes to our mind. But there are different types of office chairs according to their uses or characteristics. And not all of them are for the same purpose.
Today we will show you the differences, so you know which one is best for you in each case. Depending on the position and its location, we will choose one type or another.

Operative Chairs

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Inside the office chair, the task chairs are the queens. The most popular and used. Operating chairs are known as those that are used in operational workstations.
In other words, an office workstation in which we must perform tasks at the computer but also need to move in a dynamic way. They are positions that, in addition to working with a computer, perform other functions. And they need to be able to get up and move quickly and comfortably.
For these positions, you will find a wide variety of task chairs in the market.  Chairs that meet all these needs and meet the most demanding ergonomic requirements. In this way, people who work in operational positions will be able to perform all their tasks in a comfortable and agile way. And without suffering back problems or discomfort that may affect your work performance.
It is important to know that since it is a position where the chair is used intensively, it is advisable to invest a little more. We can find very cheap chairs that will last us very little time.
The office chairs designed for operational positions are made of materials that ensure their durability, such as special abrasion-resistant fabrics.
In this way, we ensure that they will remain pristine for a long time. And we will avoid casualties and back problems that affect the decrease in work performance.

Untitled-1-min Different Types of Office ChairsAnother type of office chair that we find are office chairs. The office chairs are usually used for a directive or managerial positions. These require a greater presence and maximum comfort is requested for the user. 

This type of armchair is made of leather or very high-quality finishes. They have the best materials for unsurpassed comfort and a long duration. The office chairs are ergonomic and perfectly fit each user to help them in their day-to-day work.

And they also have a careful design and mechanisms of the highest quality. They are chairs designed to work continuously with comfort and in a posture that protects our back.

51cJfnxZatL._SS800_ Different Types of Office ChairsErgonomic chairs are those designed to adapt to us and that can be adjusted to suit each person. The different parts of the ergonomic chair will adapt for a much more seamless experience. A good ergonomic chair should be able to adapt to you and provide comfort and well-being while you work. 

It must be made of materials that take care of your health and well-being and protect your back. The lower back is especially important with an S shape that picks it up at all times. In this way, the ergonomic chair will avoid many future back problems and pain. Because it is proven that migraines or circulatory problems are related to poor posture.
Among the types of office chair, this is one of the most requested. Ergonomic chairs would be a level higher than office chairs. They are chairs that use the latest advances in ergonomics to provide maximum comfort and protection to the user. When we talk about health, investing a little more will help our future well-being.
In this case, for example, the keystone chair has a mesh finish that ensures maximum breathability for the user. And it also brings a very high resistance.

Confident Chairs for Guests or Reception Chairs

Confident chairs are another of the most common and versatile types of office chair. They are called this way the chairs that are used in the offices or operative positions to place in front of the table. In other words, in front of the manager or employee.
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They are the chairs where the visitors will take a seat when we have to attend them personally. Or where to answer questions if it is an administrative position. These types of chairs are used in all types of positions and are usually sled or four-legged.

It is understood that they are more static chairs that do not need ease of movement. Although chairs with wheels can also be used if we wish. They are chairs in which in principle you will not spend many hours so they are usually chosen with low backrest.

Confident chairs exist of very different types, materials and prices. It will depend on the type of use that we are going to give it. Skateboards with leatherette or leather finishes are used for directional offices or for meeting rooms. They are spaces where we want to offer greater comfort and a more careful image.

The simplest types of plastic are used for informal gatherings or dining rooms. Most chairs offer the possibility of going with or without an arm, depending on their use. They can also be stackable so that they can be easily stored and only used when necessary.

Conference & Meeting Room Chairs

But within the confidants there are different types of office chair. For example, for conference and meeting rooms where you need to take notes.


There are chairs that have a separate kit to fulfill this function. In this way the user will be able to take notes comfortably and will have the necessary space to leave their personal belongings.

Some also offer the possibility of being padded on the seat and even on the backrest. In this way, depending on how long the users will be seated, they will be much more comfortable. Faced with this great variety, it is good to be advised by a specialist.

Benches & Office Stools

Another of the most popular types of office chairs are benches. Bench is called a type of seat in which two or more chairs are placed together in a fixed way. They are often used for conference rooms or waiting rooms. Since they allow us to have more seats in less space. They can be made of plastic or padded depending on the comfort we want them to offer the user. They are usually used in plastic and with metal legs to ensure their durability and cleanliness. Office stools are designed for positions in which we have to be incorporated as receptions or service areas. In this type of position you need to be able to get up quickly to keep up with the visitor. In these cases, office stools become the best option. They are stools with wheels that will allow the user to attend and move easily. The stool is one of the types of office chair that offers more versatility and that is why we find them in many places in an office. You will find a large number of office stools also in the market, so that all your needs are covered. Why is a stool not the same for a position in a warehouse than for a reception. Or a bar stool for a break room or dining room. Each type of use requires a different type of stool. For receptions there is the possibility of incorporating a stool kit to office chairs. In this way we take care of the position of the employee but at the same time we offer the necessary attention to our clients.

Sofas & Armchairs for Waiting Rooms

Finally, we can use sofas or armchairs for the waiting rooms. Or in the management offices if we want to create more relaxing spaces and for informal talks. In these cases, sofas that are not too large are usually chosen. 

Two or three-seater sofas in a sober and stately style that convey a suitable image. In the waiting rooms, we can use armchairs or combine different types of armchairs and chairs to create more informal spaces.
But the types of office chairs are also in a change to the new trends. Every day more break rooms and even game rooms are becoming a necessity in dynamic companies. Because it seeks to offer a more motivating environment to employees.
For this type of room, sofas and more informal armchairs in strong colors are used to create very special environments. Puffs and other more youthful and fun seats are also often used to create the perfect climate.


We must never forget comfort when choosing the types of office chair that we are going to use. Whatever your role in our company, whoever uses it should feel comfortable. Because on long days in front of the screen, comfort should also be a priority. 

But also for those who visit us. And those who use our waiting or meeting rooms. Or those who are going to have an interview in one of our offices. Comfort should be a priority and sometimes it is worth paying a little more. Think about what we would like when we visit other companies. Padded seats are highly recommended as well as not creating excessively overloaded spaces or with the seats too close together.
We hope this article has helped you to see all the possibilities we have when choosing chairs for our office. Because there is not only one type of chairs. If not, we can find the perfect one for every occasion and place. That is why it is worth paying a little attention to when choosing them. Happy week.

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